My Favourite Drug Store Products

  • NYX Cosmetics Micro Brow Pencil: If you are a beginner or not, I really recommend this product. It is a slim pencil that is easy to apply. If you are used to the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz, you would know that the texture of that brow pencil is waxier and harder. Although this brow pencil is slightly softer, it is obviously cheaper than ABH. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, I recommend the NYX Micro brow pencil. It is $12 CAD on the NYX Cosmetics Canada Website. 
  • LA Girl Cosmetics Pro HD concealer: This concealer is a fan favourite for consumers and influencers in the beauty community. It is budget friendly concealer with a magnificent shade range. This concealer does not crease on me and I also use it as an eye primer. This concealer ranges from $2-$7 CAD depending on where you purchase this product.
  • Sacha Buttercup Powder (Yellow): Even though I do not have this powder anymore I do recommend it to those who have a golden undertone, since the undertone did not suit my complexion. It is a revolutionary powder that does not give you flash back and makes your under-eyes or any other place you highlight with look flawless. It is $24.99 CAD on Amazon.
  • NYX Cosmetic HD Concealer as Bronzer: NYX is one of my favourite places to shop. When I look around, I see products that can be used on many different skin tones. I finally found a concealer that was dark enough to bronze since it was red in undertone and if they have or launch a concealer that has a cool undertone, I will definitely purchase it to contour. It is $8 CAD on the NYX Cosmetics Canada Website.
Courtesy of Amazon
  • Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray: This spray makes your makeup look dewy and appears to make you look hydrated. As an oily-skinned girl this product and the claims do not scare me because I do not want to be matte all the time. The performance of this spray combined with my natural makeup looks work beautifully. The only problem with this product is the applicator. When applying this product, I suggest that you use the spray from a quite a distance or transfer the liquid into a bottle that has a fine mist applicator. It is $11 CAD for 4oz/118mL or $16 CAD for 8oz/236mL on the Sephora Canada Website

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