10 Things that you probably do not know about me

Following up with my post last week, I thought that I would continue introducing myself. I would like to share some things that you probably do not know about me. I have seen so many “Things you don’t know about me” posts and I wanted to give it a try.

  1. I do not know what I want to do after University.

I wanted to be a lawyer in middle school and then I was considering teaching in high school. Now with my presence on social media, I was considering to pursue travel writing/blogging and I am still not sure with that option either.

2. I used to take cringy photos like the @justgirlythings ’ Instagram page.

Oh yes, I was that weird 12 year-old kid that wanted my photos posted to my dedicated page. I wanted to be as popular as @justgirlythings

3. I would rather talk on the phone.

I am a lazy and dry texter, if you have my number call me or facetime (if we are close) instead.

4. I have had my blog since Septemeber of last year.

I have only had this blog for almost a year now and have not used it properly. I am working on it  everyday to improve this platform.

5. I have never been to a concert!

YOU HEARD ME! I am 19 years old and have not been to a concert. Comment below if you are in my shoes and also comment who you would see first.

6. My instagram page used to be a photography page and then later a spam page.

I have a personal page that I used a lot and was not really active on the second page. I was not sure of what I wanted this page to be so it was a mixture of makeup spam and photography. 

7. I cut my natural hair!

I did it because certain parts of my hair would grow faster or slower than others, I wanted to monitor that growth and nothing feels better than a fresh start. I had some minor heat damage as well.

8. Meditation has caught my attention.

In the past, I would find myself very upset or anxious for reasons that I could not find answers to. So now I take 30 minutes out of my day to focus on meditating

9. My writing speed is so slow.

This is why I am thankful for digital note taking tools. I record my notes using my laptop in class and write out my notes later. 

10. My first job: I was a referee.

I was struggling to find a job and I started to ref soccer games in the summer. 

Let me know something that I do not know about you! Thank you all for reading today’s blog post and come back next Sunday for another post. 


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