What motivated me to create my Blog/YouTube channel

My name is Mallory, also known as blackbeautybymal on my social media platforms. I am 19 years old, I am entering my second year studying English and Sociology at the University of Windsor, I am from Toronto and I am passionate about blogging all things beauty and lifestyle.

Over my makeup journey, my friends suggested that I should start a YouTube channel. At first I was reluctant of that idea since I would need to develop thicker skin. The internet can be a dangerous place. I made an Instagram account before their suggestions and I posted my personal photography. I became less active on that account and I decided to post a poll asking my followers if they would like beauty and lifestyle related content on my Instagram. The answer was yes and I started to change my content.

My sophomore year in high school was tough. Figuring out who I was and what I want to do but what I really wanted to do was to learn how to do my makeup.   My interest in makeup started in the summer between sophomore and junior year. I had some formal events in my sophomore year and I wanted to learn how to do my makeup for events in the future. That summer my friend and I went to Walmart down the street to purchase a full face of drug store makeup. We started to browse the aisles of the cosmetic department and found products with ease for my eyes and lips but complexion was the complete opposite. Knowing absolutely nothing about makeup, I assumed that the one “deep” shade in the Revlon Colour Stay line was my colour and I was wrong. My friend was annoyed for me because all of the complexion products at Walmart were for people with fair skin tones. We found some products, I paid for my items and went home. We were in my bathroom and I logged on to YouTube to watch a tutorial by Ellarie (the only black beauty blogger that I discovered at the time) to follow the steps of her makeup routine. My friend and I were following along and she helped me when needed (which was all the time). Thanks to my friend and Ellarie’s tutorial, I learned the basics of applying a full face of makeup.

My mother also started to notice my interest in makeup. She let me borrow one of her foundations and unfortunately it was not a match. One day, she took me to Sephora to find a foundation and some other complexion products. The sales floor associate helped me out and matched me to the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation in the darkest shade at the time R540. I love this foundation; it is one of my favourites to this day.

I wanted to apply makeup flawlessly and I knew that if I kept practicing I can move on to do great things. Jackie Aina has changed my attitude for the better. She started to boost my confidence by telling those who are dark skinned that they should not be afraid to wear light lip colours and that there is room for everybody in the beauty community. She also pushed me to do things out of my comfort zone, finally making me feel comfortable to start to learn how to do eyeshadow. Time flew by, it was September of my junior year and I was happy with my makeup abilities. Over time I noticed that people who look like me are being left out. I know that feeling and I do not want others to feel the same way, it makes you feel like you are not important. I wanted to start this channel to contribute to other bloggers who want beauty to be inclusive. I want to be creative and share my love for beauty to my audience no matter the size because I know that I am doing this beacause I love it.

The reasons why I wanted to add lifestyle to the picture was because my own lifestyle was not great. I was staying up late, planning things to better myself and not listening to those plans and of course, leaving school work until the last minute. I felt stuck until I looked at other bloggers who look like they have healthy lifestyles on camera but off camera I am sure that they slip up too (we all do). So I took this as an opportunity to vlog and document my new healthy lifestyle plans. I want this part to be a personal montage of me improving my well being. If I document my healthy lifestyle it will prove the hard work and healthy habits that I have introduced.

I want to say a special thank you to my supporters for being there for me every step of the way. I was nervous about what other people might think when considering to make a channel but I  slowly learned not to care. I also reminded myself that I am doing this because I love it and I will not let anyone tell me otherwise, POINT, BLANK, PERIOD. Thank you for reading my first blog post since I remodeled my page. Please subscribe to my blog and my other social media platforms. I will take this one step at a time and I hope you follow, chat, and engage with me on my platforms. Thanks for believing in me and I thank God everyday for my continued growth, development and all of you.

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2 thoughts on “What motivated me to create my Blog/YouTube channel

  1. Reading this post has really Informed me about why you started to blog. I can really see where your passion for makeup and helping others feel beautiful stems from. I look forward to viewing your posts and learning new tips and tricks for applying makeup !
    You go girl! Keep doing YOUR thing!

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